Invest in luxury
condos like stocks.

Earn passive income from a unique high-yielding asset class in real estate with World Class®

Our clients say Excellent ★★★★★
4.89 out of 5 on 188 reviews

$50 Billion Market Size

We are building a consumer-first luxury housing brand in an industry dominated by budget properties with poor customer service.

There is a huge market in the World Class® industry, completely overlooked by big name players in the US.

*Estimates based on data from 2023 Corporate Housing Providers Association (

Why invest with 
World Class®?

World Class® dominates the luxury corporate housing market because we lead the innovation.


World Class® properties are located in thriving urban cities with high appreciation and cash-flow that deliver consistent long-term returns.

100% Passive

All World Class® properties are equipped with full-service management, so you are freed from the stress of navigating day-to-day operations.

Travel Flexibility

World Class® properties are occupied 99% of the time, but during the 1% that it's vacant, you can stay for free.

Invest in luxury condos like stocks.
Earn passive income from a unique high-yielding asset class in real estate with World Class®

Our clients say Excellent ★★★★★
4.89 out of 5 on 188 reviews

How it works
In four simple steps 
Due Dilligence

Book a call with World Class® to learn more about our company structure and values to determine if we're the right investment for you.


Put your money to work with World Class®, decide how much you want to invest, review and sign terms, and fund your portfolio.


We’ll take care of the day-to-day. You sit back and earn your share of net monthly income and potential property appreciation.

Cashflow + Travel

World Class® properties are occupied 99% of the time, but during the 1% that it's vacant, you can enjoy the property for yourself and your loved ones.

Hear what our investors have to say:

"Their unique approach to real estate investing - targeting markets with bans on STRs - have allowed me to diversify my portfolio into lucratrive markets that were previously out of reach."

Nico Blanco
Home Adopters Inc

 "The ability to utilize the properties myself or offer them to friends and family during open dates adds a personal touch to the investment experience."

Eddie Rich

 "I appreciate the transparency and professionalism displayed by the World Class team throughout my journey as an investor."

John Bonavia
The Senate Group LLC

Quick Questions:
Can I be involved in the day-to-day operations?
No, our investment model is designed to be a hands-off investment experience. As an investor, your role is straightforward – you select your desired investment portfolio and enjoy the benefits of earning your proportional share of booking income and utilize the travel features.
What am I investing in?
When you invest in a World Class® portfolio offering, you are directly buying ownership in a World Class Rental LLC derivative that owns a selection of properties and are eligible to receive monthly payouts derived from booking income.
What does World Class value?
Transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service are at the core of our values. We believe in building long-lasting relationships and offering additional benefits to our valued investors, such as the option to utilize the properties for themselves or share them with family and friends.
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